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Flower Power

Living in a sub-tropical paradise, I'm surrounded by such beauty, the diverse environment and the variety of people, yet waste is still an ugly issue. I'm trying to create beauty from throw away items especially the plastic bottle.

We need to be aware, think laterally, become creative and start to reuse, reduce and recycle in exciting ways and in ways that mean something.

When individuals are aware and act with responsibility to themselves, others and the environment; personal satisfaction and positive change are possible.

Local communities are the backbone of society. It's up to us as individuals to link together, to have a sense of belonging and with that enjoy participation.

The bottles - the waste - our consumption - our responsibility

The rock/beach - the land/sea - our environment - our responsibility

The festival - the imagination - our creativity - our responsibility

Materials: Recycled soft drink bottles

Dimensions: 115 x 2.3 metres x 5 strips

Exhibited: Swell Festival, Currumbin Beach 2009 - Community Installation