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Seabed and Fish

The working title of this piece was: 'Poisson Poison dans le Pacificque en Plastique' (Poison Fish in the Plastic Pacific) Shortened to Seabed and Fish.

Lynne and partner, Tony, collaborated again in creating this art piece to highlight concerns with the increasing levels of plastic in the marine environment.

A coral seabed was created utilising moulded plastic forms attached to a salvaged banana lounge. Fish were made using poly-pipe frames covered in recycled fishing net, the bases of bottles were attached to form fish scales and plastic waste was used as filling material. The location, set adjacent to Simpson's Creek, provided the perfect setting to exhibit the piece.

Once again, this triennial sculpture walk was a wonderful community event which involved over 40 nationally recognised artists.

Lynne and Tony were jubilant in winning the Local Artist Award from Rotary.

Materials: Recycled fibreglass lounge, plastic bottles, poly-pipe, fishnet, plastic waste and led lighting.

Dimensions: Coral Seabed – 110 cm (h), 80 (w), 180 (l). Fish x 3 - 70 (h), 80 (w), 160 (l)

Exhibited: Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk, 28 September 2018 - 2 October 2018

Artist statement: It is anticipated that within the next decades there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. French was the traditional language of diplomacy. It has become vital for humanity, rather than corporations, to collectively work towards solving our waste problems.