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I enjoy creating flower forms from PET bottles to highlight the importance of recycling and reducing both consumption and waste. These flowers with heart shaped petals, "Lovebuds", are made from the top section of soft drink bottles. The Blind – "Euroreed" (Landscape screen), became the chosen medium to display a large number of "Lovebuds" – a virtual vertical floral arrangement. Having experimented with a range of lighting techniques (candles, led lights, etc) to enhance a variety of my flora art forms, I have utilized back lighting for this particular work. Whether floodlit or sunlit (as a blind across a window) from behind, Blindlove comes alive displaying rich colour and streaming horizontal lines.

It would seem that as a society we have a blind love of consumerism.

We are blind to the social and environmental impact of our greed.

Once the garbage goes out, we are blind to the waste and pollution.

Materials: Plastic PET bottles, Euroreed (landscape screen)

Dimensions: 2.1 x 1.8 metres

Exhibited: Lismore Regional Gallery 2007

Lynne Adams' work is eyecatching but her resourceful reuse of an everyday material inspires us to think differently about those things we so easily discard. Blindlove is a hanging veil or blind made up of flower forms created from the top section of soft drink bottles. This visual transformation is a comment on the importance of ethical and sustainable practices in art.