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Fantasia Series

Being surrounded by amazing beauty on the North Coast – my garden, our environment and my family, our community; I was (and still am) alarmed with the ugliness that our waste creates.

I needed to visually express the importance for 'us' as individuals and 'we' as a collective, to take responsibility for managing waste in both our environmental and our social worlds.

I want my art to inspire simple thought – we can reduce, reuse and recycle – we can think and create beauty from our waste. It's important to be responsible but it's necessary to keep it fun.

Title: Solar Flower Chandelier

Materials: 12 solar lights, large metal ring, plastic PET bottles, paint, and chain

Dimensions: 60cm diametre, 40cm hanging

Title: Exotica

Materials: Plastic PET bottles, plastic tubing, paint, wire, crochet video tape, brickies mud

Dimensions: Variable

Exhibited: SML Sculpture Exhibition – Waywood Gallery, Byron Bay 2009