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State Library NSW

Early July 2016, Lynne received an expression of interest from Karen Hall, Creative Producer, Exhibitions of the State Library NSW to create artworks in association with the exhibition "Planting Dreams", which was coinciding with the 200 anniversary of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney.

Lynne was commissioned to create a net of flowers. By utilizing shark net and recycled plastic Pet bottles a piece called "Enlightened Flow" was created. She was also tasked to create individual flower forms, which Lynne titled: "Bold Bromeliads" and "Buds of Love".

It was a tight time frame as Lynne was already committed to creating forms for the Swell Sculpture "Save Our Seabed" piece. With the assistance of partner Tony and friends who volunteered, the flowers were created and the artwork delivered on 24th August. This allowed time for the team at the State Library to install. It was exciting for Lynne to view how beautifully the net of flower had been installed in the lobby area and how well Bold Bromeliads and Buds of Love highlighted the external logos.

Title: Enlightened Flowers

Materials: Recycled Plastic Pet Bottles, Recycled Shark Net

Dimensions: 2500mm x 5000mm

Title: Bold Bromeliads

Dimensions: 36 x 2 ltr, 34 x 600mls , 40 x 1.25 ltr = TOTAL 110 Bromeliads

Title: Buds of Love

Quantity: 48

Exhibited: Planting Dreams Exhibition, State Library NSW 3rd Sept 2016 – 15 Jan 2017