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Flower Bed - Beddy Byes

Having been invited to exhibit as part of the Inaugural Brunswick Sculpture Walk, Lynne was at first hesitant, because she felt that the time and energy devoted to the Anzac Poppy Project was enough for this year. With the encouragement of her partner / assistant, Tony Butler, it was agreed to collaborate in the creation of this piece under the artistic name: Lurch (Adams family butler).

Coming back in scale from 1000's to hundreds of flowers with ready access to leftovers bottles from previous projects had its advantages. The bed came from the recycling shop at Myocum Tip and the shadecloth was salvaged. The lighting purchased on the Net and powered using a car battery sourced from our local scrap yard.

Brunswick being local, gave us a chance to connect and enjoy the beauty of this seaside area and this wonderful community. Congratulations and many thanks to Sam, Mimi, the Brunswick Community and all the Volunteers for making this a fantastic event.

Artist: Lurch – Lynne Adams and Tony Butler

Materials: All Recycled. Plastic Bottles, Single Bed, Shade Cloth, Battery and (led strip lighting- new)

Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 1.4m

Exhibited: Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk - 3-5th October, 2015

Artist Statement: Observing the adverse impacts on our environment caused by the attitude and action of individuals corporations and governments, makes you wonder how they sleep at night.